Luxe Earth Powder is the Goddess of all mineral makeup! 100% vegan and FREE of talc, titanium dioxide, artificial dyes, clay, and bismuth oxychloride. Apply on well moisturized skin with a wet/dry sponge or face brush.


Apply on well moisturized skin with a wet/dry sponge or face brush.


Organic arrowroot powder, iron oxides, zinc oxide, and rose oil. 



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One suggestion..

16th Mar 2011

My one suggestion (following up from my glowing review of the product!) is that the color selection, which is great once you find the image of the colors in the sample page, be represented larger in the images, so that it's easier to see. I ordered a few samples, which is great, but it would be cool if you sent out something like a small card with sample orders, that had the color swatches on it! But even just a larger image on the website would be helpful for shopppers, though you can never really tell until you get it on your face anyway!

A god-send!!!

16th Mar 2011

This is the best mineral foundation I have ever come across, and I have tried them all!!! Not only is the color selection and coverage fantastic, I don't get shiny at all throughout the day- something that all the others did with the Mica (this foundation does NOT have Mica OR bismuth, two ingredients that made me break out from the other products). my skin can breath with this makeup, but yet the makeup still really works! it feels so good to know i have no chemicals on my face!

OMG Full Coverage!

Megan S. on 23rd Jan 2011

The Raw Earth Powder is a great investment for my sensitive blemished skin. I don't have to use a "mineral veil" or concealer which cuts my prepping time in half!